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Travel and Tourism

Corona Beer vs Coronavirus

Effects on the Company’s Brand Name & Its response In recent decades, there have been cases, albeit not many, of the names of natural disasters or diseases coinciding with the name of a product or brand, bringing into question the old adage that ‘any publicity is good publicity’. The most recent example of this is […]

Travel and Tourism

Practical Advice for Travelers by European Union for a Safe Travel

As European Union countries gradually lift confinement measures, Europeans may be able to travel this summer, provided the health situation and national restrictions allow. While people will need to take precautions and follow health and safety instructions from national authorities, the European Commission has come up with guidelines and recommendations to help European Union countries […]

Travel and Tourism

Newly Launched Global Guidelines from UNWTO to Reopen Tourism after COVID-19 Pandemic

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has released a set of guidelines to help tourism sector emerge stronger and more sustainably from COVID-19. The guidelines highlight the need to act decisively, to restore confidence and, as UNWTO strengthens its partnership with Google, to embrace innovation and the digital transformation of global tourism. The guidelines were produced […]