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Foodieson.com is for all the food-lovers and people who wants to gain the knowledge about food and recipes handling by @cheflakey, person who have luxurious hotel experience as a chef in locally and internationally and a graduate of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Foodieson.com specially focused on the knowledge gainers and the beginners in hotel and tourism industry as a chef. In near future we are suppose to add my personal and authentic recipes about Sri Lankan and Continental cuisines.

This is the first website as we known in Sri Lanka, includes the cookery knowledge, food safety and nutrition knowledge in one place. So we hope it will be very useful for hotel school students, people who are following hotel management diplomas or degree programs and university students. So we invite you to read the articles, gain the knowledge and share with your friends.

People who like to write articles about food, It’s my pleasure to invite them to write in foodieson.com under your own name. For more information contact me on contact@foodieson.com

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